If you've wondered around in an antique store then maybe you have ntoiced some beautiful vintage thread spools. Large or small, they are so nice to look at and admire. They make a beautiful display in your craft room, or maybe you want to use them as favors for a bridal shower or sewing-theme gathering.

There are many different crafts you can make with the spools. I have seen them made into trees and wreaths. Empty spools can be wrapped with fabric or pretty paper. Some very talented people even paint on empty spools -- I will leave that up to them!

When sewing, there is nothing more that I would like than to use these vintage threads, especially when working with vintage fabrics. However, these older threads must be tested first to make sure they are strong enough to use. To test, simply pull out about a foot of thread and pull hard on each end. If it breaks easily, then it's probably not the best choice for sewing and you probably will want to buy a newer thread to use. However, you could still use this thread for hand or machine basting before regular stitching.

Amazingly, if you find some vintage silk thread, it probably still will be strong. You just have to make sure your sewing machine will handle this strength of thread. It so, you may have to use a heavier needle.