• Preteen/Teen Aprons

    Another great thing about these aprons is that while they fit preteens and teens, they continue to fit into the college years and beyond for petites.
  • Summer Grilling

    The men in the neighborhood also enjoy spending time outside grilling.
  • Barkcloth

    All of those curtains are long gone now -- probably they were thrown away when the new styles of curtains arrived on the scene.
  • Creative Changes

    The pillows range from pretty and feminine like this pillow, to bold and retro, and to farmhouse.
  • Mother's Day

    ... the cherry pie recipe apron pictured here fits sizes medium to extra large, and the length is adjustable simply by putting a knot in the neck ties where desired.
  • Joy

    Nehemiah 8:10b says, "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." (NIV)
  • Vintage Threads

    To test, simply pull out about a foot of thread and pull hard on each end.
  • Button, Button

    Most of the time I try to get matched buttons, but sometimes it is fun to get mismatched but coordinating buttons.
  • Darning Eggs

    My great aunt used to make very pretty knitted socks for us at Christmas, complete with pompom decorations on the tie ends.
  • Thoughtful Present

    More importantly, this is the book I have used for many years for canning everything from peaches to tomatoes.
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