There's something about cobbler aprons that bring back lots of memories for many people. Several people have told me at craft fairs they are is just like what their mother or grandmother wore. It is the same for old-fashioned style aprons, and I am happy to provide good memories.

The decision to make cobbler aprons came after visiting with another crafter at a show a few years ago. She had a lot of cobbler aprons, and said she was retiring. She told me many of her friends who also made them had already retired. After noticing this style of apron was missing from other craft shows, the decision was made to add a new style to my collections.

The first aprons I made came from a 1970s pattern. I added my own touches to  spruce them up a bit and to fit into my shop style. Vintage laces and buttons were added, and I began finding vintage fabrics to use in addition to newer fabric choices. 

The first aprons seemed to fit sizes medium to large best, but can be used for a size small. Later I created a plus-size pattern that fit sized 2X and 3X. Per special request, another size was added to fit extra large through 1X. Someday I hope to make children's aprons in this style.