Blackberry -- can you say the word enough? I think not! 

One of my favorite remembrances of summer growing up was picking wild blackberries in our pasture. If you have never had wild blackberries, you are missing out on something. While frozen blackberries are quite a treat in a pie combined with a package of frozen mixed berries, there is nothing like a fresh blackberry cobbler.

If you do get the opportunity to pick wild blackberries, please be warned -- they are thick with thorns! You will prick yourself several times, but if you sneak a few luscious bites it won't be long and you won't even feel those sharp nicks. You should wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks and closed-toe shoes so only your hands get scratched and stained.

Like the fruits produced by many wild plants and trees, a bumper crop cannot be expected every year. This year was a good year. The wild bushes in our pasture have been long gone, so I was pleasantly surprised by my brother when he took me to a nieghbor's to pick the wonderful wild blackberries.

The blackberries now sit in my freezer waiting for my special birthday cobbler. Yes, I will have to make it, but so what? It will be worth it.