Sometimes a change is needed. For example, when you have sewn over 600 aprons, you might want to break up your day a little! Some of my extensive collection of vintage doilies, dresser scarves and other linens just cannot be used to make aprons because of one reason or another. So, instead they have been made into decorative pillows.

The pillow shown here is a great example. While the embroidery was beautiful on this square linen doily, it just wasn't going to work as an apron pocke because of the overall design. Sometimes I will take a linen like this one and cut it in half to make two pockets, which is what was in my mind when purchasing it. The embroidery design would have been cut and frayed too much when dividing it, so the square cloth was folded over to become a rectangular pillow with the same design on both sides.

Enjoy looking at the various designs. The pillows range from pretty and feminine like this pillow, to bold and retro, and to farmhouse. They are fun to make and I hope they will brighten your room and your day!