Recently several more preteen/teen aprons were added to my shop. These aprons are simple, but great for ages 10 to 18, when cooking skills are developing at leaps and bounds. 

With the popularity of cooking shows, many of these young women are devloping master skills in the kitchen. From visiting with some at my show booths, it is  interesting to learn most started out ages 7-9 making cupcakes or brownies from a box mix, then step up to scratch cookies and pancakes. After age 10, they may get more adept at icing cupcakes with the use of decorating tips.

Then, they begin learning more difficult recipes. Quick breads sound easy, but they take some learning to not over-mix. Yeast breads, pies and angel food and chiffon cakes, all from scratch, sometimes must be learned by trial and error. Not everyone can make a good pie crust, but most people still like homemade better than purchased crusts. 

Just like my other aprons, I try to fit the fabric to the style and age group for which it is intended. The apron shown here, for example, is a great choice for the teen age group. Another great thing about these aprons is that while they fit preteens and teens, they continue to fit into the college years and beyond for petites. The neck ties are adjustable simply by where you put a knot in the ties, so they will fit for some time.

If your preteen/teen wants to cook, and you don't know how to help them, just learn together!