Our neighbor said Sunday looked like Mother's Day more than Father's Day in our little area! Her husband was washing windows, my husband was trimming the back edge of the property, and two houses down the man of the house was washing off the patio.

Actually, the day was fairly nice and it was good just to be outside. The tasks they accomplished really weren't work, just a way to enjoy getting some fresh air. With being in the house much of the spring, it was a good feeling just to be outside. 

The men in the neighborhood like to spend time outside grilling. They each seem to have different meats and other foods they like to prepare on the grill, and some have smokers to make the fun last a little while longer. They always "holler" and ask each other "What's for dinner?" when everyone is out back in the evenings. 

This weekend my husband decided to make kabobs, which he has not done in years. I like my steak a little more done than he does, so he just put the meat on two skewers and started mine earlier. The other skewers were divided between us also, both with bell peppers and onions, but his with mushrooms added and mine with tomatoes. 

Grilling will continue all summer and as long as possible into the fall. The aromas are wonderful as we sit there and guess what's for dinner at the neighbors' houses. Perhaps the best part of grilling, however, is that I get a night off from cooking!